Majmua Attar

Majmua Attar

The Majmua Attar is derived from the flowers of the plant and then blended with four other attars that are Kewda, Kadam, Sandalwood and Ruh Khus to form this attar. It has originated from the sub continent of India. The attar is blessed with sweet aroma that releases the feeling of calm and peace in the mind and body. It is also widely used in India for various religious purposes. The attar although used in perfumery, is also beneficial to our health. The Indian attars are the magical perfumes that also prove beneficial to body in many ways.

Product name : Majmua Attar
Scientific Name : Boquet
Country of Origin : India
Colour : The attar has a sweet, earthy and woody like fragrance to it.
Extraction Method : Hydro Distillation
Therapeutic Properties

The Majmua Attar is blessed with anti-depressant properties which proove very beneficial for human mental health. If you are suffering from anxiety and stress, then this attar can come to the rescue. The refreshed, calming and sweet fragrance will soothe the nerves and will help one to attain a peaceful state of mind that is free from all types of stress and worries. Other than that, its enticing aroma can help in concentrating on your task and focusing while meditating.


The Majmua Attar is blessed with a blend of woody and spicy intoxicating aroma and therefore is used as a perfume. The attar gives a long lasting fragrance when applied on the skin and gives a calming effect on the mind. In India in some religions, it is also sprinkled on the guest which is a traditional welcoming gesture in India.

Blends Well With The majmua attar oil can be combined with the sandalwood oil.
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