Black Musk Attar

Black Musk Attar

Black Musk is primarily prepared through Ambrette Seed oil (plant seen on the left) in a new Sandalwood base. The seeds employ a sweet, flowery heavy fragrance similar to that of Musk.

Product name : Black musk attar
Scientific Name : Jasmine Grandiflorum
Country of Origin : It is originated from India
Colour : The color of this Black musk is light yellow to brownish shade
Extraction Method : This oil is naturally extracted from your flower of black musk with the steam distillation method.

Different elements of the plant get uses in traditional and complementary medicine, not all of which has been scientifically proven. It really is used externally to cure spasms of the intestinal tract, cramp, poor blood circulation and aching joint parts. It is furthermore considered an insecticide as well as an aphrodisiac.

Black Musk attar is just about the essential oil which can be very famous in worldwide due to the excellent therapeutic properties for example anti-allergic, analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory. The scientific name of this oil is Jasmine Grandiflorum and possesses originated from India. It is the mix off various oils for example sandalwood Oil, Marigold Acrylic, Jasmine Oil, Natural Herbs, Agarwood Acrylic, Black Musk as well as Heena. This oil is widespread in treating the joint and various skin color ailments. Our company is just about the leading manufacturers as well as exporters of high quality pure essential oils.


It has an incredibly attractive herb as well as black musk fragrance rendering it a key factor for aroma treatments and perfumes sectors. The relaxing as well as revitalizing agent exist in this oil give the full calm and relaxation for a body which facilitates in curing pressure, anxiety and depressive disorders. You can mix this yellow brown leafy color oil along with Agarwood oil as well as sandalwood oil for the better results. This oil involving black musk attar is non toxic as well as non allergic but still it will always be recommended to apply it with proper guidance from your doctors for the little kids and nursing jobs mothers?

Pain killer- It really is widely used while pain killer to obtain relief from the joint and muscle ache due its fantastic therapeutic properties. There are several spa centers which in turn uses this attar from the massage to give respite from the acute pain.

Beauty – This particular organic black musk attar can be used as main ingredient from the manufacturing of the different kinds of skin products. It has a fantastic skin friendly effects which can be useful for people who find that they are suffering from skin color allergy or various other skin related troubles. It also makes your skin layer more soft, bright and younger.

Preparation of perfumes- It's got very pleasing as well as attractive aroma caused by which it has very high demand in the perfume industries. The herbal aroma of this organic black musk attar is extremely beneficial in enjoyable the stressed mind and body.

Blends well with

It blends well with sandalwood and Agarwood.


I used this Black Must attar. It is really a best for Aroma Treatments. In addition with the sandalwood it gives better results.

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