Genda Attar

Genda Attar

Genda Attar is extracted from the beautiful and the holy flower known as Marigold by using a steam distillation process. It is mainly prepared with Genda flowers and pure sandalwood oil by using hydro distillation method. Marigold flower is widely found in India and in several neighboring countries. The botanical name of Genda Attar is Tagetes Erecta. It is yellow in color with a refreshing scent. Its deep and refreshing smell makes it useful for meditation and yoga. Genda Attar is a revitalizing ‘green’ perfume whose fresh odor represents devotion, companionship and resoluteness in love life. Marigold flower, Indian white sandalwood essential oil and essential oil are the most common ingredient used to make Genda Attar. It blends well with floral based attar's.

Product name : Genda Attar
Scientific Name : Tagetes minuta
Country of Origin : the Genda Attar is originated from India
Colour : The color of this Genda Attar is yellow
Odor : The odor of this Genda attar is refreshing scent odor
Extraction Method : It is extracted from marigold flower. The extraction method involved in the preparation of Genda attar is a steam distillation process.
Components used in Genda Attar : Essential oils of Marigold and Indian white sandalwood
History of Genda Attar

Genda attar got its start in the ancient times and it's used to treat inflammatory diseases just like asthma. In the Indian subcontinent, people decorate temples with beautiful garlands regarding marigolds.

Therapeutic properties

Scientists are discovering that marigold oil has anti-microbial properties. When you are preferring diffusers and Genda attar then there will be more benefits you can get through cleanse air. If you are considering the Genda Attar then there will more inspires long as well as you can get deep breathing. In addition you can choose yoga and meditation. In the mean while Genda Attar involves with the deep calming and fortifying. In the ancient times Genda Attar was used to cure inflammatory diseases like asthma and also helps improve concentration and breathing.


  • Genda Attar is mainly used for refreshing the ambiance.
  • It is also useful for getting a refreshing feel to the mind and body.
  • This Attar is widely used in several aromatherapy based applications.
  • Genda Attar is also used in making various skin care products.
  • It is also effective in the treatment of inflammatory diseases like asthma and eczema.
  • Genda Attar also improves breathing as well as concentration.
  • It is also a perfect option for using in yoga and meditation.
  • Genda Attar is also used to ward off several common pests and insects.
  • It is also used as deeply soothing, inspiring and stimulating agent.

Blends well with

Genda Attar is emotionally inspiring, fortifying and provides a refreshing feel to the mind & body. It blends with all floral based attar's. It is prepared by using hydro distillation of Genda flowers in pure sandalwood oil.


With this Genda attar I feel very great because of its refreshing feel agents. So, order this product to enjoy the results.

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