Secure Payment

Query numero uno: How 'Secure' is this 'on-line' store?

This is an e-commerce enabled 'on-line' store where you can make purchases at your convenience through your debit/credit card. Upon registering yourself on our website, you will have access to our 'on-line' store and thereby our absolutely safe and secure online payment site.

The user name and the password created by you at the time of registration are known only to you. It is only your Name and user name which is known to us and nothing more than that. Once you enter our web- site you are in our absolutely safe and secure website environment and any data submitted within the site is encrypted and protected by firewalls and proxy servers to prevent any unauthorized access to this area.

You can add items of your choice and interest to a secure SSL 128-bit encrypted on-line 'shopping cart' from each product(s) category pages. These products category pages can further be accessed from the catalogue pages.