Jasmine Attar

Jasmine Attar

Jasmine blossoms are the shrubs that can be found in the tropical and temperate regions of the world. Due to its romantic and exciting incense, the jasmine is also known as the 'King of Flowers'. The jasmine attar is derived from the white colored petals through the extraction method called Hydro Distillation. The obtained liquid has an irresistible aroma and pale yellow tint to it. In the ancient times, this attar was used as a perfume by royals and people belonging to high class society. Even today it is being used as a natural perfume for its non-toxic property and for plenty of other uses.

Product name : Jasmine Attar
Scientific Name : Jasminum Grandiflorum L
Country of Origin : India
Colour : The attar has a pale yellow to red-brownish colour and it has flowery incense.
Extraction Method : Hydro Distillation
Therapeutic Properties

Jasmine attar has also been found very beneficial for the welfare of the mind and body. The intoxicating attar is very powerful in reducing stress, depression and in offering a state of peace and relaxation to the mind and body. Not only that, it can also used in the massage therapy to give relief from muscle and joint pain. For those facing trouble in falling asleep, this attar is also a proven remedy for them.


Because of its excitingly rich flowery essence, the attar is used in the perfumery on a large scale. The attar is also non-toxic to the skin; therefore it is used as an additive in various cosmetics and skin care products. It can also be directly worn on the body in tiny amounts for lasting fragrance.

Blends well with

The attar can be stirred well with the sandalwood oil.

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