International Shipping

Shipping preferences and options:

To keep our Delivery TAT standards intact, we have shook hands with famed shipping and freight and shipping carriers like DHL, Fedex and UPS. We dispatch the packages to their respective destinations as per the choice of our clients - either by aerial route or through sea. As a matter of policy to be implemented and with no room for any exceptions, we arrange to dispatch the customer's order within next 24-hours - from the moment the client's order is placed. Our entrusted delivery TAT (Turn-Around Time) is 4-5 business days.

Our shipping alternatives are absolutely safe and sound thereby promising both safety and privacy of the contents and items in transit, across the globe and of course within the promised delivery timelines. What more, our 24x7 customer-care centre can be easily accessed and that they long to serve our clients with best and make them happy!