Champa Attar

Champa Attar

This is among the rare species associated with flower and said to be blossom only at night. This is available in light yellow to help little darker coloration and oily with nature. Enriched with powerful fragrance, this attar is highly found in the fragrance marketplace and aromatherapy. A Champa plant can easily be identified even from your long distance due to strong aroma associated with its flowers. It’s soothing and also refreshing aroma helps you to get rid the condition of stress, stress and mental demand. The fragrance in this attar has also very secure aphrodisiac effect which can help boost libido right away.

Product name : Champa Attar
Scientific Name : Michelia Champaca
Country of Origin : India
Colour : The color of this Champa attar varies from light yellow to dark yellow
Odor : The odor of this Champa attar is Woody, sugary, constant and strange odor
Extraction Method : The actual Champa Attar is prepared throughout the process of steam distillation from your beautiful Champa flowers.

It has light-weight yellow to relatively darker color and also having a lovely, woody, incredible floral and prolonged aroma. It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

Your therapeutic effects are incredibly high of the actual Champa Attar. It's useful in treating gonorrhea, Renal Illnesses, Diseases of Head, Headache, Sub-acute rheumatism, Vertigo, Gout and other ailments.


Your aspects of this specific perfume oil incorporate American Indian light sandalwood oil as well as Champa organic and natural oil. Your therapeutic properties of the attar contains anti inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, diuretic and many more. Some people work with it to deal with various medical problems.


Aromatherapy: This attar has amazing calming and soothing effect on the mind and that’s why it really is widely used within the aromatherapy treatment in addition to in the high-priced spas to uplift the particular mood and relaxing mind and body.

Strong aphrodisiac: Automobile high aphrodisiac character, it is also used for increasing libido and enhancing sexual desire.

Perfume Industry: Champa Attar is extensively found in the perfume industry to create highly strong perfumes because of its relaxing and re-energizing aroma. It is usually used for making incense stick.

Medicinal uses: It has a lot of medicinal properties too and that is very effective in treatment of diseases for instance renal disease, rheumatism, gonorrhea, gout pain, vertigo and headaches.

Blends well with

This Champa attar blends well with ruby, jasmine, sandalwood, Ylang-Ylang as well as number of other vital skin oils.


The Champa attar is extensively used for the fragrance reasons. It has very secure, lovely and exotic aroma and it also can amazingly soothe the mind and provides a person the relaxing and also refreshing atmosphere. Its aroma is usually beneficial for enhancing sexual desire.

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