Ayurvedic herbal oil

Ayurvedic herbal oil

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Ayurvedic Herbal Oil

Where approximately 75% of the world’s population relies on alternative traditional remedies, Indian ayurvedic herbal oils are mighty natural products to use. Our ayurvedic herbal oils are a functional combination of valuable herbs and carrier oils (such as sesame, coconut, almond, castor, olive, mustard, or safflower). They are rich in healthful natural compounds and essential fatty acids.

We prepare ayurvedic herbal oils for different purposes as per the process and ingredients suggested by expert ayurvedic practitioners. The users are supposed to use ayurvedic herbal oils in diverse ways such as gargling, nasal insertion, massage, hair application, or topical application. The ayurvedic practitioners also recommend suitable methods to use for the desired outcome. 

As an ayurvedic herbal oils manufacturer, we offer diverse oils that are excellent for hair, skin, joints, muscles, or overall health. Made with three natural components - aqueous extraction of herbs, juice of herbs, or milk), a fine paste of herbs, and vegetable/carrier oils -  ayurvedic herbal oils are preventive measures for particular conditions. They penetrate deep into the body and work on tissue layers.

We offer special herbal oils helpful for hair fall, facial massage, skin with burning sensation, stiffness of muscles and joints, nasal instillation, nerves of eyes, head massage, etc.

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