Worldwide Delivery


Natures Natural India is always eager to avail of the best possible shipping service for making it easier for its clients. We ship our products globally and our default shipping agents are FedEx, DHL, and UPS. We don't consider shipping as a sector for making a profit, as we are always keen to ship at heavily discounted rates, keeping the business purpose of our clients in mind. The price that we quote for a product online is based on its weight and volume. Natures Natural India reserves the charges for shipping at any time, and for the hassle-free transaction, we will notify you the same before the order is processed if such a case occurs.

Natures Natural India doesn't have any distributors, as it only ships from India. Our shipping charges and responsibilities do not include shipping arrangements beyond the standard ground service as all additional charges for customs are subject to the concern of the customer. Natures Natural India will not be responsible if any breakage occurs during the same.

Natures Natural India will be solely responsible for any loss, damage, or delay if occur, as all the products that we ship are insured and we do not charge anything extra for this.

We also have the provision for our customers to arrange their own shipping by several available means.