Costmary Oil

Costmary Oil

Costmary oil is extracted from the dried leaves of costmary the plant that is a native of India. It is also popularly known as ale cost, sweet Mary, or bible leaf. It was called bible leaf because the bible was marked by this leaf as a page mark for the sweet scent by the Christians in England. History says that this plant is a native of India and about 1000 years ago it completed its journey to Europe via Asia Minor. Earlier the English people used to scent their blankets and bed linens with costmary leaves and oil. The leaf was chewed by people to keep awake in long sermons in the church. The dry leaves are extracted to produce the costmary oil. It has a pleasant balsamic smell which is slightly medicinal. The oil is of light yellow to yellow brown color. It has medium aroma strength with a top note.

Scientific Name : Chrysanthemum balsamita
Country of Origin : India
Colour and odor : Pleasant, balsamic smell having a light brown color
Extraction Method : steam distillation.

Costmary oil is use in the kitchen to prepare many foods and beverages since earlier times. It gives a pleasant flavor to foods and liqueurs. It is also used in modern recipes by chefs of reputed hotels.

Costmary oil can be applied to the skin as an astringent. It helps to improve the conditions of the skin. It is non-toxicant and non-irritant in characteristic. It is also used to prepare some cosmetic products.

Therapeutic Properties

Costmary oil has many medicinal properties. It is used to make ointments to be used as an antiseptic on wounds and burns. It gives relief from problems of the stomach like dysentery, indigestion and gas problems. It is found effective in treating respiratory ailments like cold, cough and chest congestion. The oil is massaged on the part of body suffering from rheumatism for instant relief. It is given to children to get rid of worms in the stomach.

The costmary oil can help in regularizing menstrual flow and help in relieving pain of child birth


Costmary oil should not be used by pregnant ladies. Undiluted costmary oil should not be taken by mouth without doctor's approval. People suffering from cancer and live and kidney infections must avoid the use of costmary oil. It should be kept out of children's reach.

Blends well with

Costmary oil can be blended with other essential oils like lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, ginger, lavender, and cinnamon


Costmary oil was very effective when used by my sister when her menstrual periods were delayed by ten days. It was advised by a homeopathic doctor. It worked in 24 hours.
- Jim Frost

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