Amberi Shamama Attar

Amberi Shamama Attar

Hina amberi attar is produced using excess of 75 uncommon herbs found in India. It is extricated utilizing the hydro refining technique. The shade of the attar is earthy and it has a sweet scent. Hina has a rich profound and strongly oriental scent and extremely prized in south Asia and the Central East. Hina is fundamentally a red glue delivered from the leaves of lawsonia inermis, which is famously called hina or henna in the India. Hina is additionally utilized as enlivening shading on hands and feet of ladies in India, particularly amid marriage capacities.

Product name : Amberi Shamama Attar
Scientific Name : Aquilegia Agallocha
Country of Origin : India
Colour : Orange to yellow, sweet, fruity and floral
Extraction Method : Hydro/ Steam Distillation

It has light yellowish colour and has floral aroma. Shamama attar has increased religious centrality in antiquated civic establishments everywhere throughout the world. It has been utilized as sanctuary contributions, incense, medication and fragrance. Enthusiastically, shamama attar is known to clean, adjusting, and to convey extraordinary impacts. It can improve the procedure of change, particularly associated with otherworldly development.


  • Finds use in perfume making industry.
  • Included in the making of healthy skin formulations.
  • Taken in use for making cleansers, antiperspirants and mouth purifiers.
  • Utilized in making skin items, shampoos, salves and sun creams.

Blends well with

Amberi Shamama Attar blends well with Sandalwood, amber, jasmine, ylang-ylang and musk.

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