Honeysuckle Attar

Honeysuckle Attar

Honeysuckles are the blossoms that are also known as Chinese honeysuckle, white honeysuckle or woodbine. These red and oval shaped blossoms are native to the United States. The flower is used widely during prayers and meditation for its aroma that relaxes the mind and body. The attar of this blossom is obtained from the twinning vines by the process of steam distillation. The fragrance emitted from the attar can be described as honey like sweet, woody and refreshing. The attar also has many uses and benefits for us.

Product name : Honeysuckle Attar
Scientific Name : Diervilla Sessilifolia
Country of Origin : India
Colour : The colour of the attar is between pale yellow to red and has a floral and wood like fragrance.
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation
Therapeutic Properties

The fragrance of the honeysuckle is very exhilarating. If your mind is weighed down with a lot of stress and anxiety then its magical aroma will help you move to a state of calm and relaxed tension-free state of mind and body.


The honeysuckle attar is mainly used for its intoxicating floral aroma and its ability to relax the mind. The attar is added to perfumes, skin lotions and creams; also it is used as bath oil and in candles for its fragrance. It is one of the most expensive oils used in aromatherapy.

Blends well with

The honeysuckle can be infused with Lavender, Neroli, Cedarwood, Lemon, Ylang Ylang and Neroli.

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