Melissa Phytol Absolute

Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil

Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil is kknown by the botanical name of 'Melissa officinalis' is an oil called as the Elixir of Life as it provides a relaxing effect to the body and uplifts the mood in cases of sadness and melancholy. It has as sweet, fresh & citrus-like smell. It has a pale yellow colour and is of watery viscosity. The common names for this oil are Balm, Lemon Balm and Common Balm. Melissa balm is sacred to a Great Greek Goddess and her bees. Bee keepers used to rub this oil to the hives to be sure that the bees will return back. Melissa means ‘bee’ in Greek language and this balm is also called a bee balm. It originates from United Kingdom but has found its place and popularity all around the world. In ancient times Melissa was available as an herb but in recent years the preparation of Melissa Absolute oil has caught up the market and is sold at a high price.

Product Name : Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Melissa officinalis
Country of Origin : United Kingdom
Colour and odor : Dark brown paste with a fresh lemony flavor
Extraction Method : Steam distillation

Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil is widely used as an ointment to be applied locally. It helps to bring calmness because of its sedative effect. As an essential oil, it has wide usage in aromatherapy applications to uplift one’s sprits and reduce depression. It is commonly used in most households as a pain relieving and relaxing balm in most countries.

Therapeutic Properties

Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil is used as a medicine to correct irregularities in menstrual problems. It has the excellent properties to fight against cold sores and fungal infections caused by dampness. It is prescribed as an alternative medicine for local infections on the feet and around the toes, as sedation to patients complaining of sleepiness due to depression of the mind. The burning of this oil in burners makes the atmosphere peaceful and calm, which in turn provides comfort and relaxation of the nervous system

Blends well with

Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil blends well with Basil, rose, geranium, Roman chamomile, frankincense, ylang-ylang and lavender


For years I was worrying about my irregular menstrual cycle but the use of Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil suggested by a homeopath turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It gave me relief in about six months. Thanks to Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil
- Patricia Jones

Just a few days ago Just a few days ago I started using Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil to get rid of my fungal infection on my feet. A few simple application of Melissa Phytol Absolute Oil has cured my disease completely.
- Peter Smith

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