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Ambrette Absolute Oil is medicinal oil and it also finds the use in the aroma industry. The absolute oil has Linoleic Acid as the principal constituent. The principal constituents of Ambrette Absolute OilarePhosphatidylserine, a-cephalin, its plasmalogen and phosphatidylcholineplasmalogen. The oil also has sharp flowery aromawhich is worthy of it. It finds the use in manufacturing of several cosmetic products, luxury perfumery, besides being one of the additives in the preparation chewing tobacco.

Product Name : Ambrette Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : AbelmoschusMaschatusMedik
Country of Origin : In Different Parts of India
Colour and odor : The color is pale yellow and the odor is of brandy or wine.
Extraction Method : Unique method using CO2 Extraction or Solvent

Ambrette Absolute Oil finds extensive use in the lucrative Luxury perfumery, apart from being used in manufacturing of Cosmetic products. The absolute oil works as an additive in the production of Baked products and like said before, in Chewing tobacco, and also Aromatherapy products as well as in the preparation of Sweets. The absolute oil finds potential use in non-alcoholic &alcoholic beverages. The absolute oil finds its use in preparation of Incense sticks as well.

Therapeutic Properties

Ambrette Absolute Oil has got therapeutic properties, which help in curing variety of diseases. It is used in therapy of mild to acute aches, poor circulation of blood, low blood pressure, depression, anxiety and several other problems.

Blends well with

Ambrette Absolute Oil will easily get mixed with Clary Sage, Cypress, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood and not to speak about the Ambrette seed oil.


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