Yellow Champaca Floral Absolute Oil

Yellow Champaca Floral Absolute Oil

The yellow champaca floral absolute is extracted to be the oil from the yellow champaca blossoms. These belong to the plant family Magnolia. The petals of these blossoms are cup shaped. The flowers are mainly found in the parts of South Asia. In India, these flowers can be seen in the temples where it is being gifted to the deities. Also, the Indian women wear it as an ornament on their hair. The fragrance of the oil is so sweet that you will go into a state of relaxation immediately. For this sweetness of aroma, it is used in perfumes, aromatherapy, body mists and lotions.

Product name : Yellow Champaca Floral Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Michelia champaka
Country of Origin : South Asia
Colour : The oil has a reddish tint and it smells flowery with a hint of herb like odor.
Extraction Method : by solvent method

Because of its pleasant essence, the oils are used as bathing oils so that it helps you relax and leave its calming effect on your body from head to toe. The oil can also be used as a body mist to achieve its deliciously floral aroma. Add a few drops of this in your lotion to get a beautiful, soft and glowing skin.

Therapeutic Properties

The oil is packed with many remedial properties. It can treat the oily skin by reducing the levels of secretions, helps you get relief when facing health issues such as congestion and allergic reactions. The oil also carries anti-bacterial properties that will help in curing respiratory infections. It helps you breathe through its lovely aroma which decreases the stress and anxiety levels.

Blends Well With

This oil can be blended with carnations, sandalwood, violet and rose.

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