Hazel Nut Oil

Hazel Nut Oil

Hazelnut oil is cold pressed and filtered from the shell-free nuts of the hazelnut shrub. It contains oleic acid and a small proportion of linoleic acid. The natural contents in hazelnut oil are Vitamins A, B, D, E, Proteins, Oleic Acid, Linoleic acid and Minerals. It is commonly known as nut oil.

Scientific Name : Corylus avellana
Country of Origin : Italy
Colour and odor : It is clear with a tint of yellow color with a slight nutty flavor.
Extraction Method : It is extracted from the roasted hazelnuts through cold pressing.

Hazelnut oil has an immediate softening effect on the skin. It is suitable for oily skin, when used in combination with other carrier oils to obtain the benefits of the skin softening properties without drying skin. This oil can help to tighten and tone the skin that helps to maintain firmness and elasticity. It also encourages cell regeneration, strengthens capillaries and stimulates circulation to help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and thread veins.

Hazelnut oil suits dry to normal skin and is excellent for sensitive and baby skin because to its soft and smooth feeling on the skin. It is extensively used in the making of hand & body creams, body lotions, lip balms, and massage oils for the whole body. It can be used in hair oils, sun creams as it offers protection against damage to the skin by the sun’s rays. Hazelnut oil is considered good digestive oil for salad dressings. It is also excellent for cooking and frying as it has a high smoke point. Internally it is recommended for adolescents, the elderly, and pregnant women, but for those who do not have nut allergies.

Hazel nut oil is non-irritant and it is not harmful if inhaled or ingested, but should not be used by people with nut allergies

Blends well with

Hazelnut oil mixes well with other massage oils like sweet almond oil, peach kernel jojoba oil, coconut oil sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil.


Hey friends, today I am here to give my review on hazelnut oil. This oil works wonders for the people having respiratory disorders. I have breathing problem to the extent that sometimes, I fail to breathe and fall unconscious for few seconds. But, after using this oil, my problem has decreased to a great extent and now I hardly face any breathing problem.
- Fredrick Alter

My name is Joshua and I am from Canada. Three months back my face was full of pimples and acne, I have tried lots of medicine but nothing really works for me. After doing lots of research work I come to know about Hazelnut oil. Still I am using this oil regularly and my pimples and acne has totally disappeared. Thanks!
- Joshua Frost

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