Champaca Red Absolute Oil

Champaca Red Absolute Oil

Having originated from India and many parts of Asia, the Champaca red oil is one the most revered oils available today. The oil is extracted mainly from the flowers of the Champaka tree. This tree is a beautiful yet distinct subtropical find with rich aromatic fragrances. The Champaca Red is used in the finest perfumes for this very reason. The flower is also known as the Nag Champa and is primarily used to honor Lord Vishnu. It takes a thousand petals to produce a single drop of this exotic oil.

Product Name : Champaca Red Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Michelia champaca
Country of Origin : India.
Colour and odor : A red coloredviscous liquid and a floral scent which is helpful in relaxing
Extraction Method : By Solvent Extractionprocess

The Champaca Red Absolute Oil is mainly used in the manufacturing of perfumes for its seductive scent. Besides this, people make use of this Absolute oil in Aromatherapy products like massage oil and bathing oils. The market if full of such Champaca Red scented candles and lamps to help you relax better.

The oil has antiseptic and antiviral properties. It is widely considered as an anti-depressant for it soothes and relaxes the mind and body. Other than this, it can be used as an astringent.It is believed to be a great stimulant as well.

Therapeutic Properties

This essential oil is used in light bulb rings, mist sprays and diffusors for it is holistic in therapy. The absolute oil is perfect way to reduce stress and bring about a sense of euphoria. The Red Champaca oil is mostly interchange used with many carrier oils. The pure Chamapaca red oil is used in some of the best perfumes in the world.

Its anti-depressant properties make it a quick fix for the worst of moods. For massages, this oil helps build muscle strength and improves the functioning of joints.

Blends well with

The Champaca Red Absolute Oil can easily blend with rose but mixes best with sandalwood. Other than these it can mix well with lily of the valley bases, carnation and violet amongst many others.


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