Red Champaca Floral Absolute Oil

Red Champaca Floral Absolute Oil

The red champaca flowers are also known as golden champaca. These blossoms are derived red champaca flowers that are largely grown in India and the other parts of Asia. The blossoms of red champaca are also used in expensive perfumery 'Joy' for its citrusy burst of essence. Its essence is also added in many candles and soaps. The floral absolute can be dissolved in oils and alcohol but not in water. The red champaca is found to be very beneficial to the skin as it has the ability to nourish the skin tone.

Product name : Red Champaca Floral Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Dianthus Caryophyllus
Country of Origin : India
Colour : The floral absolute has a vibrant red tint and its aroma is floral and citrusy.
Extraction Method : By solvent extraction

The floral absolute is used in high end perfumes for its rich aroma and is an effective aphrodisiac. It reduces the aches in muscles and joints and is used in aromatherapy. It tends to reduce stress and fill joy in the atmosphere. The floral absolute is also blended in many skin care products such as lotions and moisturizers which helps in skin rejuvenation and give glowing effect to the skin. Use it as a diffuser in your homes to create a calm and relaxing environment.

Therapeutic Properties

The floral absolute can be used to give relief from muscle cramps and joints. It is an antidepressant that helps reducing the stress levels and uplifting the mood. It is beneficial for the skin as it helps in nourishment by making the skin flawless and smooth.

Blends Well With

The absolute can be blended with sandalwood, rose, violet, carnations.

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