Carnation Absolute Oil

Carnation Absolute Oil

Carnation absolute oil is special type of solvent, which is extracted with petroleum ether obtained from the flowers. It finds an extensive use in the perfumery and other industry. The Oil is known by several other common names like little carnation and clove pink respectively. The key ingredients of this absolute oil are eugenol and their byproducts are collectively used with salicylates, benzoates and rose components.

Product Name : Carnation Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Carnation Absolute Oil
Country of Origin : In different regions of Egypt.
Colour and odor : Carnation Absolute Oil is a viscous and light green liquid that has a pretty acerbic and herbal aroma.
Extraction Method : Carnation Absolute Oil is extracted using the Solvent extraction of the flowers.

Carnation Absolute is truly a powerful aphrodisiac and spiritually inspiring, and amazing motivating oil. Besides the perfume industry, it finds the use in soaps, candles, potpourri, room fresheners as well as the massage therapy applications.

Therapeutic Properties

The absolute oil is used in several different types of therapeutic measures. It is used for massage and helps in the activation of dead muscles more quickly than anything else. The absolute oil is a great mood regulator and gives feeling of relaxation. The absolute oil is also used with carrier as well as other oils. It also has the aphrodisiac qualities that will elate the brain and give a spiritually enhanced effect.

Blends well with

Carnation Absolute Oil forms a good blending mixture with Ylang-ylang, Clary Sage, Coriander and Lavender.


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