Cassie Flower Absolute Oil

Cassie Flower Absolute Oil

The absolute oil is the herbaceous in nature and has very typical and great cinnamic-balsamic undertone. The oil is also a rich source of coumarin, decyl aldehyde, butyric acid,anisaldehyde, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, eugenol, eicosane, geraniol, farnesol, nerolidol, hydroxyacetophenone, palmitic acid, salicylic acid, and terpineol. The common name of Cassie Flower Absolute Oilis Needle Bush.

Product Name : Cassie Flower Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Acacia Farnesiana Wild.
Country of Origin : In variety of areas in Egypt.
Colour and odor : Cassie Flower Absolute Oil is basically the viscous and red brown colored liquid that has the fresh and sweet scent.
Extraction Method : Cassie Flower Absolute Oilmakes use of theHexane extraction from flowers and soon the ethanol extraction method is also used.

Cassie Flower Absolute Oilis primarily used for treating nausea, flatulence and several cases of diarrhea. The oil makes good use as flavoring agent and also plays the important role in the treatment of the various types of digestive diseases. Cassie Flower Absolute Oil has antiseptic properties and for which reason it can easily kill bacteria and fungi. The oil also functions as wonderful stomach tonic and can be used to treat any kind of influenza, rheumatic fever and much more.

Therapeutic Properties

Cassie Flower Absolute Oil comes packed with several types of therapeutic properties and these are pretty essential to lead healthy life if not anything else. The oil plays important role in preventing the occurrence of various types of diseases,particularly, those related to then digestion. The oil is good for treating influenzatoo.

Blends well with

Cassie Flower Absolute Oil can easily get blended with costus, mimosa, yang absolute and the bergamot. The absolute oil is also a perfect mix with Henna Flower Attar, Agleia flower absolute, Jasmin grandiflorum absolute, and the Boronia absolute.


"I used the Carnation Absolute Oil parceled by you and it game me terrific soothing effect never felt like ever before. I got the feeling as I was on the top of the world. The relaxation was soothing and I would also like to order it one more bottle of the absolute oil. It was shipped to me safely and on time and I must praise your customer service commitment. I am satisfied with your services and would like to go for one more bottle soon. Thanks and keep the good service!"
- Shelly Houston

"Thanks for the Cassie Flower Absolute Oil. I could treat my indigestion and all the more, it saved my life and pain that I was going through all my entire life."
- Henry Bot

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