Lily Floral Absolute Oil

Lily Floral Absolute Oil

The Lily floral absolute is obtained by extracting the lily blossoms. It is also known as white tiger lilies. The plant contains various healing properties for several diseases and also helps in curing heart problems. The absolute floral oil is infused in many cosmetics and skin products to soak its sweet and pleasing aroma. When diffused, the oil creates an ambience filled with joy. The lily floral absolute oil can be found in the hilly regions of India.

Product name : Lily Floral Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Hedychium Coronarium
Country of Origin : India
Colour : The oil has a white-yellow tint and smells sweet with a hint of ginger.
Extraction Method : Solvent Extraction

This oil is packed with wide variety of usages. It is being used in the perfumery industry for many years for its lovely aroma that can further uplift the mood of a person. It can be used as a remedy of insomnia. Just diffuse the oil in a diffuser and keep it near your bed for a peaceful sleep. It can heal the chapped and flaky skin, leaving a smooth and moisturised finish. It is also used in aromatherapy to reduce depression and increase positivity.

Therapeutic Properties

The white lotus absolute has the property to heal cuts and wounds and prevent the affected area from infections. It is also very effective in treating diseases such as leprosy, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones as well as eases the contractions for women in labor.


The floral absolute oil blends well with calendula oil.

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