Hyacinth Floral Absolute oil

Hyacinth Floral Absolute oil

The Hyacinth blossom is also known as Dutch hyacinth and garden hyacinth. The blossom can be found is various parts of the world such as the central and southern area of Turkey, Southwest Asia and Europe. It can be easily grown in places where the temperature remains mild. This blossom when extracted, gives the hyacinth floral absolute oil. The major use of this oil is in perfumes but it also has many medicinal benefits. The oil is found to be soluble in alcohol but not in water

Product name : Hyacinth Floral Absolute oil
Scientific Name : Hyacinthus orientalis
Country of Origin : France
Colour : The oil has a dark tone which is between red and brown colour. It diffuses a sweet green and floral smell.
Extraction Method : Solvent Extraction

The hyacinth is mostly used in perfume products for its pleasant smell. Its essence has the ability to reduce the stress level and increase self esteem. It is used in many cosmetics and skin care creams for its anti-fungal and anti-antibacterial qualities to give a healthy and toned skin.

Therapeutic Properties

This absolute floral oil can heal many skin related problems. It treats acne, tightens the skin, helps in reducing stress and pain in the neck and shoulders. It is also very effective in treating eczema and beneficial for hair growth.


It can be blended well with Ylang Ylang, orange, violet, galbanum, jasmine, galbanum and ambrette seed oil.

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