White Ginger Lily Absolute Oil

White Ginger Lily Absolute Oil

Hedychium is a perennial plant that is found in Asia and the Himalayas. The common name for white ginger lily is garland flower, green lily, butterfly flower, dulan champa and kahili ginger. It has a lasting an exotic fragrance.

White Ginger Lily Absolute Oilis extracted from the flowerwhite lily byhexine solvent method. It has a divine odors that resembles the sweet smell of honey. There is a distinct difference in the aroma between White Ginger Lily absolute and White ginger lily. White Ginger Lily is uncommon and premium in nature. The oil is a clear brown liquid with awarm woody and spicy fragrance. The flower of ginger lily grows a lot near Mumbai. The white ginger lily flower is used to decorate idol of Ganesh on Ganesh Chaturthi.

Product Name : White Ginger Lily Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Hedychium coronarium
Country of Origin : India
Colour and odor : Honey like sweet sensual aroma from a slight brown colour liquid.
Extraction Method : Hexine free solvent

White Ginger Lily Absolute Oilis used in oil burners and warmers. When blended with other oils it is used in making perfume, massage oils, bath salt, shampoos and bath oil. The scented oil is used around the world to make potpourri, creams soaps, and candles. . It is comfortingand calmingoil to the nervous system that promotes love and peace. As a cosmetic, it can also be used directly as a cleanser and moisturizer for rejuvenating the skin. It is widely used in gyms and beauty parlors

Therapeutic Properties

White Ginger Lily AbsoluteOil is known for its quality to calm and soothe the mind. It is burned in halls for meditation, yoga spiritual discourses to initiate the calm and tranquil atmosphere for relaxation. It is used in aroma therapy by doctors of alternative medicine to treat patients with a fidgety and a disturbed mind. . It gives relief from respiratory ailments like chestcongestion, cough and bronchitis. The white ginger lily oil prevents nausea, relieves stomach aches, and serves as a stimulant to the heart.

Violet Leaf Absolute Oilis concentrated oil and should be used on the skin after a test with diluted oil it should be kept away from children. The using of this oil near the eyes should be avoided.

Blends well with

White Ginger Lily Absolute Oil blends well with sandalwood absolute, jasmine sambac, frangipani absolute, tuberose absolute and osmanthus absolute, orange flower, balsam, vanilla and rose.


"The aroma of White ginger lily in the hall where an Indian saint had come to give a lecture was very peaceful."
- Rita Smith

“"Just a few days ago I started using white ginger absolute Oil for my nagging headaches. A few simple application of the oil has given me relief."
- Erica Thompson

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