Kadam Attar

Kadam Attar

The Kadam tree is also known as Laran or Berflower tree that belongs to the Rubiceae family. This flower represents love and wisdom and is considered to be a sacred tree in India. The flowers are found in shades of red and orange. These blossoms diffuse a flowery and woody like essence. The kadam attar is obtained by the extraction of the flowers through the process of steam distillation. It comprises of Indian white sandalwood essential oil and kadam essential oil. The kadam attar comes with a variety of uses as well. It is used in the aromatherapy which helps in treating depression and anxiety. This is also very beneficial for treating various eye problems.

Product name : Kadam Attar
Scientific Name : Anthocephalus Cadamba
Country of Origin : India
Colour and Odor : Kadam Attar has a pale yellow tint along with a sweet fragrance that can be described similar to floral aroma or to the fragrance of honey.
Mode of Extraction : Steam Distillation

The Kadam Attar is one of the most expensive oils used in aromatherapy where it helps in soothing the muscle tension and providing relief to the mind and the body. The attar is also used in perfumery for its woody, oriental and flowery aroma. This attar also helps in concentrating during meditation thanks to its soothing fragrance.

Therapeutic properties

The attar is proven to provide a calm and peaceful state to the mind and body. Therefore, it is very beneficial for the ones who are suffering from stress, depression and anxiety. It can also cure the problem of sore throat. The attar is also added to some medicines which are effective in treating eye problems.

Blends well with

The attar of Kadam can be combined with Santalum or Sandalwood Oil.

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