Pistachio carrier oil

Pistachio is a member of the cashew family, is a small tree originating from Central Asia and the Middle East. The tree produces seeds that are widely consumed as food. The seeds of this plant are much smaller, and they often have a soft shell. It is a desert plant and can tolerate high saline soil as well. Long and hot summers are required for proper ripening of fruit.

Pistachio is pressed from the nuts of pistachio plant. This is not edible oil and is used mostly for garnishing. There are many sub-varieties of pistachio but only one is common pistachio. Pistachio is not regular edible oil; therefore the research interest of pistachio oil is also low.

Product Name : Pistachio carrier oil
Botanical Name : Pistacia Vera
Other Names : Pistachio oil
Country of Origin : Asia
Color : It is dark brown in color
Odor : It has nutty aroma
Extraction Method : Cold process
Solubility : Greater solubility in alcohol and other base oils

According to archeologists pistachio seeds were a common food since 67500 BC. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were said to have contained pistachio trees about 700 BC. In some English speaking parts of the world, such as Australia and Canada, pistachios were introduced in 1854.


Though pistachio is not regular edible oil, it still has some uses which make it the useful oil. The benefits of pistachio oil include, it is used for healthy skin, healthy hair, and it is also beneficial for other parts of the body. It is used for healthy hair and in winters it is used as a nut to keep the body warm.

Therapeutic benefits

Pistachio oil also has some health benefits as well. Some benefits of pistachio oil are it helps in lowering down our cholesterol levels, it is rich in anti-oxidants and also antibacterial properties. This oil is also healthy for your hair and is used as dressing oil for salads and as cooking oil in Canada.

Blends well with

Pistachio oil blends well with almost all the other oils.

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