henna oil

Henna oil

Henna oil is made from various chemical compounds that include hexadecanoate, isocaryophyllene, (E)-?-ionone, isocaryophyllene and methyl linolenate. A perennial shrub which originated in Asia, Australia and northern Africa is cultivated and naturalized in the tropics of India, America, Egypt and parts of the middle east. It can be identified as a rich orange colour oil. Extracted by the stream distillation of leaves. Henna oil has a distinguishing and characteristic Luscious floral smell. This is a thick liquid which can easily be soaked by skin or hair on rubbing. It is also known as essential oil or mehendi oil.

Henna oil is loaded with properties that include astringent, intestinal, anti-hemorrhagic, anti-neoplastic, hypotensive, cardio-inhibitory, and a sedative. It is also antibacterial, antifungal and ultraviolet light screening activity. Due to some poisonous characteristics it should be used in controlled manner.

Scientific Name : Lawsonia inermis
Country of Origin : Area of northern Africa, Asia and Australia
Colour and odor : Rich orange and Luscious floral aroma
Extraction Method : by stream distillation method

Mainly Henna oil is used as an ingredient in cosmetics and essential oils. Other uses as aromatherapic uses. The calming and medicinal properties of this oil is very useful. This provides soothing effect to the mind, soul and body. It is also utilised as an anti-dandruff product and likewise helps in nourishing the hair. Further it prevents hair loss, controls premature greying and promotes luxurious hair growth. Henna oil also has been used for few hair tonics, soaps, lotions shampoos, conditioners, candles, hair dyes, body decorations and temporary tattoos. Due to its strong fragrance this can be used as a perfumes. It is also useful because it keeps moths away from destroying the garments. Henna oil is also used during medicinal treatment of wide range of ailment that ranges from leprosy to headache to other skin disorder.

Therapeutic Properties

Use of Henna oil relieves muscular pains, induces sleep, cures headaches and bruises. In addition it promotes calmness, relaxations, emotions, cheerfulness and mental peace. Reduces confusion and mental fatigue. Henna oils contain costive properties of the cold earth and is used for the healing of ulcers, cuts and burns. The oil therapy is also used for hair. Extended use reduces hair fall, giving shine strength and good health to it. Henna oil can be applied to the skin to treat eczema, scabies, nemacidal illnesses, fungal infections and allergies.

Blends well with

Henna oil can be mixed with high levels of terpenes, primarily monoterpene alcohols(usually referred to as terps) which makes the henna strain look darker. Other oils that can be mixed are cajeput oil and tea tree oil.


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