Tube Rose Attar

Tube Rose Attar

Tube Increased being relative of narcissus and native to Central the America, is widely discriminating in India. Botanically, Tube rose is defined as Polianthes Tuberose the kind of perennial seed of Polianthes genus. The night growing plant flowers grows in elongated spikes that are about 45 cm very long and bear groups of extremely fresh and waxy light flowers. Tube flower plant has very long, bright green simply leaves. Beautiful flowers usually are popular as Rajnigandha, Nishigandha or Sugandaraja. Attar produced from these unusual blossoms is distilled below steam distillation that has rich floral in addition to sweet aroma that is exquisitely exotic. The special attar is actually amber colored liquid that is soluble in alcohols however insoluble in h2o.

Product name : Tube Rose attar
Botanical name : The botanical name of tube rose attar is Polianthes tuberosa
Country of origin : the tube rose attar is originated from India. In India it is found in Uttar Pradesh
Solubility : The tuber rose oil is Soluble in Alcohols and insoluble in water
Color and odor : The color and odor of this tube rose oil is flowery, rich, sugary and warm, delicately out of the ordinary odor
Common name : Polianthes Tuberosa
Components : Menthyl benzoate, menthyl anthranilate, benzyl alcohol, butyric acid, Eugenol.
Extraction method : This oil is extracted by the process of solvent extraction

Though Tuberose blossoms are cultivated around the globe but the major areas are Indian, China, and France, in addition to Morocco. Since a long time frame, it is employed in Indian weeding for decoration purpose.


Tube Rose attar offers highly striking and extremely refreshing whiff coz of which it is extensively employed by perfumery industry. It easily combinations with Sandalwood oil and has the ability to produce many combinations based on choices and is employed for many fragrant purposes.

Tube flower attar is broadly employed in Ayurvedic cures in addition to aromatherapy. It includes healing properties and has the ability to improve capacity of emotional depth.

Attar of Tube Rose aids in amplifying inventive inspiration and helps in stimulating inventive right side of brains. The extraordinary and outstanding, Pipe rose attar produces tranquility to heart, mind and entire body. It helps in creating romantic disposition also.

Blends well with

Tuberose is usually easily blended for aromatic purposes. The combinations are endless and intensely dependent upon personal tastes.

Therapeutic properties

Researchers are discovering of which marigold oil offers anti-microbial properties. When employed in aromatherapy diffusers, Genda Attar might help to clean mid-air. Genda Attar motivates long, deep breathing, making it great for Yoga and relaxation. Emotionally, Genda Attar is actually inspiring, fortifying in addition to deeply calming. In the historical times Genda Attar was helpful to cure inflammatory diseases like asthma as well as helps improve focus and breathing.


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