dill seed oil

Dill Seed Oil

Dill Seed Oil, scientifically known as Anethum Graveolens, is of Pale Yellow colour with grass like smell. It is also known as Suwa, American Dill, Anethum sowa, Anethi herba, Dilly, European Dill, Seed Dill and Madhura. Dill plant is a small annual plant with smooth and fine leaves. This oil has slightly bitter taste. This oil contains various chemical components like: Eugenol, terpinene, Dhc, D-carvone, Dillapiol, Myristicin and Limonene. This oil is equipped with properties like Antispasmodic, bactericidal, carminative, digestive, emmenagogue, hypotensive, stimulant and stomachic.

Scientific Name : Anethum graveolens, Peucedanum graveolens, Fractus Anethi
Country of Origin : Mediterranean, Black Sea (Egypt)
Colour and odor : Pale Yellow with Grass like Essence.
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation Method

Dill oil helps to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed and is also helpful for digestive problems in adults, easing flatulence, constipation and hiccups. When blended with a cream or lotion, it can have a very powerful effect on the healing of wounds. Dill essential oil can be used in vapour therapy for nervous tension and colic. It eases the mind, calms headaches and helps with excessive sweating due to nervous tension. It can also stimulate milk flow in nursing mothers. These are used to get rid off anxiety, anger, depression and hypertension.

This oil has disinfectant properties and may be added to foods to protect them from infections as when consumed through food it helps to relieve infections in the urinary tract, kidneys and digestive tract.

Therapeutic Properties

The therapeutic properties of this oil are non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Dill is used as a medicine for curing various diseases such as ulcers, spermatorrhoea, bronchitis, fever, cardiac disability, syphilis and gleet. Dill Seed essential oil is extracted from the dill seeds which helps in lowering glucose levels and providing relief to patients having high blood sugar level. This oil also brings relief from congestion, bronchial catarrh, hiccups, vomiting and dry heaves. This oil is also a good antiseptic. It should be avoided during pregnancy.

It is also helpful in treating respiratory disorders like influenza, bronchitis and colds. It also helps to induce sleep at night.

There is no known health risks associated with the use of this herb.

Blends well with

This oil normally blends well with other essential oils, particularly with bergamot, caraway, nutmeg and citrus oils.


I purchased this for use in a cold process soap but it reminds me too much of the pickle. It does have its benefits though so I would recommend blending it to give it a more amiable scent. Lavender and Lemon work nicely with it.
- Vanice

I really like this fresh herby scent. It is rejuvenating and earthy with warm spicy undertones.
- Joely

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