Sandalwood Musk Attar

Sandalwood Musk Attar

Sandal Musk Attar manufactured by blending of sandalwood essential oil with aromatic musk. Its main constituent can be Indian white Sandalwood gas and essence regarding clean baked planet. Rare and expensive musk can be found in the sac throughout abdominal skin regarding deer. It has particularly exceptional and unconventional fragrance. On the various other hands sandalwood is usually exceptionally aromatic sapling and when both these materials are combined it produces the unique and special attar regarding Sandal Musk. This attar maintains its scent for quite some time and is highly valued due to the extremely distinct perfume since centuries. Sandal musk attar very easily blends with all sorts of attar.

Product name : Sandalwood musk Attar
Botanical name : Santalum Album
Country of origin : India
Plant Part : Wood
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Sandalwood, your holiest of holies, by far the most sacred of trees, has been revered throughout the ages. Its heartwood produces a most valuable essential oil, widely desired for incense, perfumery, cosmetic makeup products and aromatherapy. Sandalwood can be sacred to Shiva. It stirs the foundation chakra and awakens your Kundalini snake. But what makes Sandalwood most particular, is its use within tantric practice, where it can be used to connect budget friendly with the top chakra, transmuting basic sexual energy directly into cosmic consciousness the way it opens the 3rd eye.

Devout Hindus create a Sandalwood paste with that they can anoint their 'Shiva eye'. Irrespective of its gentle softness, Sandalwood has some sort of male scent, which is structurally comparable to a male pheromone that will sends an beautiful, yet barely perceptible, scented message on the opposite sex. This is why Sandalwood can be a simple yet effective aphrodisiac. Spiritually it can be balancing and soothing, a fragrant key into a meditative space aspect. Sandalwood is also told protect against nasty spirits. It is known that mean spirited people won't even be capable of come close with it.


Wealthy, deep and unconventional fragrance of Sandal musk attar causes it to become useful in perfumery industrial sectors for producing top quality perfumes and incense twigs. Strikingly wood starting notes of Sandal musk attar ensure it is useful in scent therapy usages.

It's said that therapeutic massage of Sandal musk attar and its blends help in getting reduced joints pain and muscular pains and cramps.

It can be also useful in healing various skin issues like wrinkles, pimples, dry and rough skin and is also special for grew up or dull pores and skin.

Sandal musk attar delivers deep emotional and physical settlement. Pure and organic Sandal musk attar just isn't preserved with any kind of additives or paraffin. Hence, Sandal musk attar can be applied diluted on skin without having any precaution.

Sandal Musk, attar is often a fragrance that mixes elegance and sensuality.

This perfume oil is surely an elegant, serene and in the end timeless fragrance for everyone, for every second, forever sensual.

This perfume begins using delicate drops regarding sweet musk. This graduates on the heart of the fragrance which is a blend of fairly sweet divine fragrant Sandalwood.

Blends well with

This oil blends with musk and sandalwood attar.

Therapic actions

With its comfy, relaxing scent, oil produced from the Hina flower is famous for bringing clarity on the mind and sharpening email abilities. Gul Hina Attar can be recognized intended for nourishing and starting the guts in fact it is utilized in Of India to assist enhance devotion. Gul Hina Attar would be the major element of any formulation known as Shaman utilized by several yogis inside the Far East. Gul Hina Attar can be used in a very bathtub, intended for breathing, therapeutic massage, anointing chakras, perfume, and relaxation.


Last week I ordered sandalwood musk attar. It is a natural product which can give more benefits.

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