Black Cumin Seed (Kaloungi) Spice Oil

Black Cumin Seed (Kaloungi) Spice Oil

Black cumin seed (Kaloungi) spice Oil belongs to the family of Ranunculaceae. Using cold-pressed method, this oil is extracted from the annual herbaceous plant. This oil is needs for making different kinds of nutrients such as protein, fats and carbohydrates. Black cumin seed (Kaloungi) spice oil is mainly used for treating toothache, cold, headache and infections. This oil helps in increasing memory and suitable to be used for dry skin.

Product Name : Black cumin seed (Kaloungi) spice Oil
Botanical Name : Nigella sativa
Other Name : Black Caraway
Country of Origin : Egypt
Colour : Clear blackish yellow liquid
Odor : It has black cumin odor
Extraction Method : Cold Pressed
Solubility : It is soluble in alcohols

It was found in Hittite flask in Turkey from the second millennium BCE. From the ancient time, black cumin seed (Kaloungi) spice Oil used as a seasoning in recipes with pod fruits, vegetables and salads. Black cumin seed (Kaloungi) spice Oil was used for the treatment of dyspnoea.


Black Cumin Seed (Kaloungi) Spice Oil is widely cherished for its different properties such as anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antibacterial. This oil is well suited to support the immune system. Black Cumin Seed (Kaloungi) Spice Oil is high in antioxidants and works well in the prevention of cancer. This oil is ideal to be used to get relief from allergy. It is good for increasing urine flow to relieve bloating and starting menstruation. This oil is also ideal for increasing sexual desire. This oil is also used in so many cosmetic products for adding fragrance. It is ideal to be added in soaps and detergents. This oil finds its usefulness in cosmetic, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Therapeutic Properties

Black cumin seed (Kaloungi) spice Oil is mainly used for treating dandruff, wounds and other skin related diseases. This oil is also added in various kinds of Ayurvedic medicines because it has great content of crude fiber, fatty and amino acids. Black cumin seed (Kaloungi) spice Oil is ideal for enhancing immunity. This oil also prevents hair loss and makes hair strong.

Blends well with

Black cumin seed (Kaloungi) spice Oil blend wells with Sandalwood Oil & Ylang ylang.

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