Lotus Attar

Lotus Attar

The lotus flower belongs to the family of Nelumbonaceae. The flowers grow in the muddy waters but the petals that rise above have a sweet flowery fragrance. These flowers can be found in India where it is believed to be sacred and a spiritual symbol. The lotus attar is also the most popular attar that is in demand among people of the country. The attar of the lotus is extracted to the mode of hydro-distillation. It results in a sweet aromatic fragrance that is sure to leave you intoxicated. At the time of meditation when you use attar of this oil as diffuser, you will be free from all the tensions of the world and get indulged in the meditation instantly.

Product name : Lotus Attar
Scientific Name : Nelumbo Nucifera
Country of Origin : India
Colour : The attar has a floral earthy aroma.
Extraction Method : Hydro Distillation
Therapeutic Properties

The attar possesses many health beneficial properties that help us getting on with our day to day life. Its intoxicating aroma tends to set the feeling of relief from the problems such as stress, anxiety, mental fatigue so that you go into your own haven of peace and calm.


The lotus attar is infused in many cosmetics and perfumery for not only fragrance but its skin nourishing properties. The essence of the flower is also added in making candles, room fresheners, soaps and massage oils.

Blends well with

The attar can be blended well with other attars such as Sandalwood, Amberi and Agarwood.

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