Kewda Attar

Kewda Attar

The Kewra place grows wild across the distance coastline involving Asia. The facilities of which create the best flowery aroma are generally grown throughout Ganjam area involving Southern Orissa. Indian native employs the energy involving kewda to boost the sweetness.

Product name : kewda Attar
Other names : Kewra attar
Scientific name : The scientific or botanical name of this Kewra attar is Pandanus Odoritissimus
Country of origin : This Kewra is originated from India
Color and odor : The color and odor of this Kewra attar is rosy color with rose smell
Components : Essential oils of Kewra flower and Indian white sandalwood
Solubility : alcohol solubility

Kewra Attar can be extracted from Pandanus Odoritissimus simply by hydro distillation. It's a densely branched shrub, almost never construct. It is generally identified across the coastline involving Asia. The normal name for Pandanus can be screw pines since their stems are generally sprained, therefore actually leaves seems to be spirally set up The actually leaves are incredibly extended and slim, sheathing, uncomplicated, undivided, with parallel abnormal veins. It is usually mixed up with Went up, Mehendi, Hina, Shamama attars and baby. Kewra Attar discovers broad utilization throughout skincare supplements and also throughout aromatherapy structured programs.

Extraction method

This Kewra attar can be taken out throughout the process of sauna distillation process.


Kewra can be often known as Screw this tree and is one of the kinds involving Pandanus which is habitat involving Southern Asia. Kewra shrub can be angiosperms that fit in with Pandanaceae organic family of Pandanales purchase. Plant creates good smelling blossoms which can be ready-made within sauna distillation and as a result kewda attar can be obtained. Attar is known as lovely aroma while if it is directly received from kewda. Specific attar has wonderful positive coloration with lovely positive odor. Pleasant appealing smell involving kewda can be complimented and unbiased with sandal wood basic which in turn produces even, relaxing cologne. Kewra Attar whenever ready provides suggestions involving hyacinth and baby

Therapeutic properties

Kewra attar is recognized as perfect for publishing inventive hindrances especially for copy writers and musicians. Additionally it is employed in this formation of assorted different types of romantic and scented scents and perfumery goods.

Natural kewda attar is one of the popular perfumes which have been commonly used from early instances. It is non-poisonous and is particularly carefully employed in skin color care formulation and in various programs for smell therapy.

Organic kewda attar can be well regarded due to the subtleties and gentility. Refreshing and re-energizing kewda attar is employed throughout relaxation and spirituality, and also provides warmth, comfort and sense involving comforting.

Blends well with

The Kewra Attar mixes well with sandalwood basic


I ordered this product last week. It is really good with its lovely odur.

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