Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil

Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil

The Pure Lotus Absolute white and Pink has been widely cultivated and extracted in most of Southern Parts of India. The untainted lotus absolute works as fabulous perfume ingredient. The common name of Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oilis Lotus Absolute Oil -Pink Lotus. If you are seriously considering of finding the essential oil which will give you the best of everything, Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil is the one of your choice

Product Name : Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Nelumbonucifera
Country of Origin : Various regions across India
Colour and odor : Yellow-orange to reddish in coloration and this viscous liquid has unique floral aroma.
Extraction Method : Alcohol extraction method is used for the extraction of this absolute alcohol.

Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil is used in different general and medical purposes. The oil is safe to apply on the body and will not require physician’s prescription. Absolute Oil is extensively used for various types of pharmaceutical tests and great number of other requirements.

Therapeutic Properties

Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil comes with several therapeutic properties and used for treating various types of diseases in humans. It has been attributed with many beneficial properties that are both physical and spiritual. Historical significance shows that the Ancient Romans and Greeks used Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oilfor curing ailments such as asthma, rheumatism and internal problems.

Blends well with

Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oilblends well with essential oils like cinnamon, sandalwood, besides all spice essential oils.


“I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for quite some time. The situation was becoming tragic with every passing day. I was just feeling problematic all the time. I wanted to come out of this problem and for which reason I wanted to go for the some of the great solutions. It was then that the Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil came into my life and gave me full freedom from all types of worries. I was just feeling out of the order and there wasn’t anything that could bring the change in my life. But… But… But…. Lotus (Pink) Absolute Oil made everything happen for me in a positive way. I am thankful for delivering me a great product and I have already ordered one complete package from your shop. I hope it will arrive soon. Thanks for the product once again. I truly appreciate it!”
- Jennifer Parker

“I was getting through some of the great problems in my life. Let me tell you that I was suffering from Asthma, but not any more… The reason why I am writing it to you is that I wasn’t peopleto know aboutLotus (Pink) Absolute Oil, which ultimately gave me the asthma free life.”
- Sarah Jones

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