nutmeg oil

Nutmeg Oil

This is the oil, which comes from Nutmeg, and it grows to maximum 20 meters. This is a kind of evergreen tree. It is found in good amount in parts of India, with Sri Lanka. This fruit is very much familiar to the peach fruit and the oil is obtained from the kernel, which are in the seeds. This oil was very familiar in Egyptians and Italians as they use this oil when they have the problems of plague. In India, it is used for treating intestinal disorders. Many chemicals are also associated with this oil through which a person can use it in many of the health related problems. In addition, a person must avoid its extra dosage as it may contain some chemicals that may harm to his body parts. It is always advised that a person must consult any doctor or physician before using this oil or products which are having this oil contained in them.

Scientific Name : Myristica Fragrans
Country of Origin : India
Colour and odor : Yellow with sharp, spicy, musky aroma
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Nutmeg Oil is very effective in treating problems relating to heart and circulation. It also helps in activating mind and revives it. Mostly people startsfainting or spells at wrong time while walking, talking, or standing for long time in sun. For them this oil is a quick and gentle remedy as it helps in eliminating the problems. It is very good for digestive system and helps in treating nausea, diarrhea, chronic vomiting, muscle ache, poor circulation, and many more problems. Thus, for treating digestive problems or muscle pain, a person can use it. Apart from that, it is better for sexual problems. Many products are having this oil as an essence to provide better relief to the people suffering from listed problems. Nutmeg Oil can be useful in providing relief to nervous system. It energizes the mind through stimulating it. One must avoid its excess dosage as it may cause serious problems. Nutmeg oil must be avoided during the pregnancy period.

Therapeutic Uses

There are various therapeutic usages available for this nutmeg oil. It is very effective as antiseptic, analgesic, digestive, antispasmodic and in other problems. Many pills and tonics are having this oil as an essence and are also advised by doctors to patients having certain problems.

Blends well with

Nutmeg oil blends well with black pepper, geranium, rosemary, orange, and cypress


I like using body oils for moisturizing my skin because I like the simplicity of the ingredient list! I love the body oil it smells amazing and is incredibly moisturizing without being greasy, and lasts a long time.
-Roger Binny

I am very sensitive to infections and often suffer from indigestion or diarrhea very easily. I read somewhere that Nutmeg Oil helps in curing the problem and it did happen really in a fabulous manner.
- Vanessa Brown

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