aniseed oil

Aniseed Oil

Commonly known as Aniseed,Anise or Anise Seed this herb belongs to the Apiaceae family. The parts of the plant used include the seeds that are properly dried and then crushed. Typical constituents of it are trans-anethole, a-pinene,anisaldehyde,cis-anethole,b-pinene,acetoanisole,safrole,camphene and linalool. This herbaceous plant in a year grows upto one meter bestowed with fragile leaves with beautiful white flower. In Rome ,Egypt and Greece anise seeds are still highly –prized ancient comodity. Greeks often used its properties to cure cold and cough . Apart from warding off bad dreams the oil is known to cure whooping cough and bronchitis.

Its constunuents have releived many of griping and colic pain. Effective in flatulence and infant catarrh its famous in Turkey for flavouring a well known native alcoholic drink. Tibetians have been mixing nutmeg oil with aniseed oil to cure people of their neurotic symptom,anxiety,exhaunstion and depression.

Scientific Name : Pimpinellaanisum,
Country of Origin : The herb is quite native to the Southwest Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean area. Russia is also among one of the topmost producers of aniseed. Since years Poland had been creating its mark by extracting high quality oil from its locally cultivated fruits.
Colour and odor : Quite clear, the oil is next to pale yellow. It has a sweet, intense and spicy scent resembling to that of fennel.
Extraction Method : Stem distillation process is used to extract essential oil from the fully blossomed dry ripe seeds and fruits.

Anise oil have been considered boon in curing muscle aches and rheumatism. Doctors have never refrained from mentioning its noteworthy contribution in curing flu, bronchitis, cough, flatulence and cold. Candy manufacturers often use the licorice scent of the oil to add flavour to their products. Anise oil is used widely by toothpaste and mouthwash brands as well to enhance the flavour of the comodity.Apart from tobacco products the oil is used to induce a flavoured twist to the wedding cakes.

Therapeutic Properties

To ease the frequent cramping created by purgative it is often added to the laxatives. Anise oil is beneficial to avoid vomiting while travelling and alleviates hangovers and even insatiable thirst. It's used as antihistamine in ayurvedic medicines. The essential oil is believed to act as a stimulant for the lungs, brain, liver and heart and exponentially cures swelling, fevers and raises blood pressure. Often used in aromatherapy the oil is a boon for those struggling with motion sickness, dizziness and vertigo. Women often resort to anise oil to overcome menstrual cramping and labor pain during childbirth. In the tropical countries anise oil is used in solutions to soothe the eyes, act as a chest rub when mixed with eucalyptus and dabbed in a cotton ball to fix pain due to dental cavities.

Blends well with

Aniseed oil quickly mixes with eucalyptus,ginger,spearmint and dill. It's also known to blend well with mandarin,bay,petit grain,cedar wood,rosemary,fennel and peppermint.


After reading about the paramount benefits offered by anise oil I placed an order for it with Nature Naturals Store. The oil had been lying in my house for a week, unit the day came when my complained of bad tooth ache. I just dabbed a cotton ball in anise oil and place it on the affected area. To my surprise the pain gradually subsided. Now I try to tap the benefits of this oil to the fullest. Anise oil has become a must have in ou family.
- Jade Twain

I am a marketing professional and am always on a go from one place to the other. My motion-sickness has been posing difficulties for me since past one year which led to the cancellation of several assignments. My mother suggested me to purchase anise oil and use it while on the go . Thanks to Nature Naturals Store for offering me the purest oil that worked wonder for me.
- Oliver Jackson

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