Galbanum oil

Galbanum is a plant which has been used for centuries now. The plant is even mentioned in the Holy Bible as a fresh spice for use in making incense. The Egyptians used this plant for cosmetic purposes. Galbanum has been used for treating skin diseases, wounds and breathing problems like asthma.

This tall herb has small blossoms with sparkling leaves. The plant is mainly found in Turkey and Iran. This plant is known to produce a gummy resin whenever the base is cut off. The essential oil is obtained by distillation processes on the resin. The scent of this plant is distinct and can be overpowering for some. The oil is for adding leafy notes to perfumes. Galbanum has rich therapeutic properties and is used in aromatherapy sessions.

Scientific Name : Ferula Galbaniflua
Country of Origin : Turkey
Colour and odor : Yellow liquid with fresh aroma
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method.

Galbanum oil has been used to treat ulcers on the skin. The oil can soothe insect bites and has been used to cure snakebites as well. The Galbanum oil can reduce inflammations in a very effective way. Galbanum oil on regular application has been known to cure dermatitis and sagging skin.

The oil is used my sports athletes to relieve them of body spasms. The oil keeps the skin looking smoother and softer. The oil can treat hysteria in some of its known forms.

Therapeutic Properties

The oil has antimicrobial and balsamic properties. It has also been found to an effective analgesic. The oil is widely used as an antiseptic of wounds and blisters. It is safe to use this oil as it has restorative and anti-inflammatory effects. It is widely used in aromatherapy sessions as it creates a feeling of euphoria. The oil has been known to cure kidney problems thus making it a prized diuretic.

Blends well with

Galbanum oil can easily blend with Oakmoss. Also it can mix well with lavender. Other oils with which it can also mix easily are pine and fir.


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