Oakmoss Absolute Oil

Oakmoss Absolute Oil

Oakmoss is not a true flowering plant. It is a lichen which is a combined product ofthe algae and the fungus subgroups and is primarily used for its earthy and woody fragrance. It is a viscous liquid and is highly aromatic remain of a wet forest floor.

Scientifically called as the Evernia Prunastri, it is a liquid obtained from a typical green lichen that grows primarily on the trunks of oak trees. Oakmoss oil is commonly called as moss oil. The extraction is deep brown or green in color and has a sharp, earthy-mossy door with an undertone that is like leather. It has high fixative quality and blends with mostly all oils.Its odor is extermely caling for the body and mind.The properties of the oil can be classified as more of spiritual. It can be added to respiratory oils as an inhalant to relieve congested sinus. It has thick resin like consistency which remains solid at room temperature and requires special treatment to blend with other products. It is a very thick product and its dark green colour can vary from batch to batch and distiller to distiller.Some people are allergic by its earthy, musky and leathery scent, whereas others claim to adore its odd scent.

Product Name : Oakmoss Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Evernia Prunastri
Country of Origin : Yogoslavia
Colour and odor : Dark or brown in color with earthy mossy odor
Extraction Method : Steam distilled

Oakmoss oil is used as a fixative in cosmetic products. It is most versatile and in used to make all types of perfumes.It also finds wide usage in making soap, massage oils, lotions, potpourri, diffusers, air fresheners, scent, perfume oils, body fragrance, towel scenting, bath oils, incense, spa's, laundry, light rings, hair treatments, aromatherapy products, facial steams, and more.

Therapeutic Properties

Oakmoss oil has the medicinal properties of an antiseptic for healing wounds and an expectorant to cure cough and cold. The properties of this oil can be allergic insome cases and so must be diluted before use. It should not be used in epilepsy and during pregnancy. It can be used as an additive to respiratory oils or as an inhalant to relieve from problems of cold and sinus.

Blends well with

Oakmoss Oil blends well with neroli (orange blossom), lavender, Geranium, cypress, patchouli, and citrus essential oils.


“I am allergic to most fragrances but the flowery wet wood smell of oak moss absolute oil suited me and I enjoyed its fragrance in soap and incense. It is remarkable.”
- Nicholas Thompson

“I could buy many perfumes and other cosmetics because of their high prices. But when I bought the range of cosmetics made from oak moss absolute oil I could manage my pocket with many products.”
- Kelly Norman

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