atlas cedar oil

Atlas Cedar Oil

Atlas cedar oil is obtained by Steam distillation from the wood of Cedrus Atlantica. It cultivated in Morocco and Algeria. It is golden yellow in colour and has soft and grounding fragrance. It's soft, warm and woody fragrance works like a perfume and instantly brings a uplifting and calming effect in the atmosphere. It is perfect for your relaxation and meditation when diffused as a scent. This oil can alleviate your stress, anger and nervous tension.

Atlas Cedar oil has a plethora of properties that can come extremely handy and useful. It is anti-putrefactive, antifungal, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, diuretic, astringent, insecticide, expectorant, sedative, regenerative, and tonic. Better to be avoided during Pregnancy and not to be used by people having high bold pressure and heart problems.

Scientific Name : Cedrus atlantica
Country of Origin : Morocco and Algeria.
Colour and odor : Light yellow with characteristic smell
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method.

Atlas cedar oil is very useful for arthritis and rheumatism, when massaged well on affected areas. It is very good forrespiratory and immune systems and works great on dry/ oily skin. It is an excellent hair tonic and works very effectively on Dandruff. It is also used to repel insects like ants and moths. People suffering from fungal infections or skin ulcer, acne, blemishes and eczema apply this oil on their affected areas to get a soothing effect.

Atlas oil is also used as a medicine, a cosmetic agent and is considered to be one of the earliest incense materials.

Therapeutic Properties

Atlas cedar oil is a detoxicant which offers a tranquilizing effect on sore muscles and joints. It is a perfect choice for the aches and pains of the Flu, Bronchitis, and Sinusitis, and brings ease for asthma cold and cough when it is steam inhaled. When it is used in bathing water it helps to cure bladder disorders, cystitis, and kidney disorders.

Blends well with

It combines well with all oils; especially the citrus and other woods. It also mixes well the chamomile, Bergamot, cypress, clary sage, jasmine, eucalyptus, lavender, juniper and Lemon, patchouli,oregano, sandalwood, rosemary and rosewood.


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