Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Laurel Leaf Essential Oil is extracted from the tree of laurus nobilis that belongs to the Lauraceae family. It grows up to 7-18m in height and has pale yellow-green flowers. It is known for its therapeutical properties and finds its usefulness in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

Product Name : Laurel leaf essential oil
Scientific Name : Laurus nobilis
Other Names : Bay Laurel Essential Oil
Country of Origin : India
Colour : It has a pale or greenish yellow color
Odor : It has a pleasantly spicy and warm aroma
Extraction Method : Steam distillation
Components : Its major constituent's are sabinene, beta-pinene, alpha-terpineol, 1,8-cineole, terpinene-4-ol and others
Solubility : It is soluble with other oils

Laurel leaf essential oil has been in used since ancient times. This oil was used for treating different kinds of health problems. Also, it was used in ancient Greece and Rome for supporting healthy immunity. In the Middle Ages, this oil was used for spiritual purposes. It was used for protection and promoting success.


Laurel leaf essential oil aids in the recovery of emotional trauma. This oil is ideal to be used for treating skin conditions such as rashes, fungal infections, acne, eczema, and other related problems. It effectively treats dry skin and arthritis problems. This oil is added in various skin and hair care products. It is also well-suited to prevent bacterial infection owing to its anti-bacterial property.

Therapeutic benefits

Laurel leaf essential oil has several properties such as antifungal, insecticidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and sedative. This oil is the best essential oil to promote sleep and calm the mind. It is widely used to relieve digestive problems and rheumatic pains. This oil is known for uplifting mood and promotes confidence. It is also perfect for improving appetite and is great to promote stomach health.

Blends well with

Laurel leaf essential oil blends well with peppermint, Niaouli, lavender, pine, eucalyptus Globulus and others.

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