niaouli oil

Niaouli oil

Niaouli (Melaleuca viridiflora) is a member of the tea tree family. It is a large evergreen tree native to Australia but is also foundin the French Pacific Islands and other tropical regions such as Madagascar. Niaouli oil is steam distilled from the tree's aromatic leaves and young twigs. It has sweet, fresh, camphor like odor.

Scientific Name : Melaleuca viridiflora
Country of Origin : Australia
Colour and odor : Sweet, fresh camphoraceous odor and is yellow in color
Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

Niaouli oil is most often utilized in the perfume and fragrance industry. Niaouli is an integral

Component in many cosmetic products such as creams lotions and soaps. Niaouli is widely used in antiseptic pharmaceutical products such as toothpaste, gargles, mouth sprays and cough sweets. Niaouli oil can be used in the form of vaporizers and burners to relax the mind. It can also be blended with other massage oils, diluted in baths, and used as soaks to be used as skin cleanser and muscle relaxant.

Therapeutic Uses

Niaouli oil has the properties of being an antispasmodic, bactericidal, diaphoretic, expectorant, stimulant, vermifuge analgesic and an antiseptic. Niaouli oil is also used for cleaning wounds and is beneficial for ulcers, oily skin, acne, blemishes.

Niaouli oil does the job of a local anaesthetic by desensitizing the region and numbing the nerves along the infected area. Niaouli oil is found very useful in controlling toothaches, earaches, sprains, joint pain and migraines.The cineol in niaouli oil accounts for the expectorant action giving relief in colds, coughs, sour throat and respiratory ailments.

The Oil is known to stimulate and improve the functioning of organs. It boosts blood circulation, improves metabolism and digestive functions. The use of this oil strengthens thebody's immunity by correcting hormonal balances. This oil can also be used to clear spots and scars on the skinlike acne marks, stretch marks, cut marks, and pox marks.

Niaouli oil is an effective therapy for rheumatism. It stimulates the lymphatic system and boosts blood circulation and also prevents the accumulation of uric acid in the joints. These two factors help to ease inflammation and pain, providing relief to rheumatic patients.

Blends well with

Niaouli Oil blends well with pine, hyssop, bergamot, eucalyptus, and lavender, lemon, orange and tea tree.


I was using the niaouli oil just in the t zone to control oil because I have combination skin and thought it was going to dry my cheeks,but then I decided to using all over my face and in the morning my skin was glowing and It was cause of the niaouli oil,every time I use it my skin looks healthier, clearerand soft. Yes, I recommend this nice, light oil with a sweet smell.
-Joan Mill

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