Cardamom Oil

Cardamom Oil

Cardamom Oil is non-toxic in nature and also is non-sensitizing. It is having the chemical components like a-phelleandrene, a-pinene, pb-pinene, -cymene, terpinen-4-oil, linalool and many more. The uses of cardamom oil are now possible in all parts of the world. In the ancient period, only Europe was using this oil. The cardamom was used to whiten the teeth or as a perfume essence. Today, the oil is in use to kill remedies of different types because of which people can get satisfaction. The traditional Ayurveda medicine of India is having this oil or its essence available in many medicines and the trend is coming to this century as well to cure many serious problems relating to health.

Scientific Name : ElettariaCardomomum
Country of Origin : Areas of India and Ceylon
Colour and odor : Pale yellow with balsamic
Extraction Method : The oil is extracted through steam distillation method. They are extracted from the seeds of those fruits, which are ripe.

There are different uses of Cardamom Oil in different parts of the world. It is very effective while for the digestive system. It provides warmth to the stomach and protects against heartburn. It is also very useful during the pregnancy period and against dyspepsia and nausea. If you are feeling weak, tired, or getting fatigue a lot, eat a cardamom and you will get relief from them. This also protects a person if he is suffering from cough. This remedy is very common from the kitchens of India and people are still using it a lot. This is for the married couple as it reduces the impotence level of a male person.

However, the cardamom oil is effective on some more general things. This oil protects a person against the digestive problems, fatigue, and cough. A person can take its vapors through therapy to get cure against the problems. Most of the people are using it as a general tonic in their day-to-day life. It is effective in the cases while taking bath so that germs will not affect the body parts and can refresh a person for a new day. This is the reason that many soaps and perfume manufacturing companies are manufacturing their essence in their products to refresh a person in a better way. Many body care products are also having the cardamom oil in it for its better advantage.

Blends well with

It blends well with the oils like rose, cinnamon, bergmot, orange, caraway and cedarwood. Different companies are blending all the things together to provide a better result to oil for its effective uses.


I am using the cardamom oil from last couple of years and getting good response to my teeth. Thanks to cardamom Oil so that I can smile openly in front of many people
- Dyna

The cardamom Oil provides me relief against the body odor and fatigue. I use the perfume essence of this oil for my skin and for my health, which provided a better response to me from a long time.
- Alex B. Phillip

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