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Guaiac wood Oil

Guaiac wood Oil is produced through steam distillation method from sawdust and crushed heartwood pieces of Guaiac wood tree. Guaiac wood tree is also known as Palo Santo tree or Holy tree and is a native to South America. The oil has a sweet floral tea rose like odour that is a yellow to greenish yellow with a semi-solid consistency. This odoris similar to the odor of hybrid tea or roses. It is aalso known as Champaca wood oil, Paraguay Lignum, Palo Balsamo and Pao Santa. In its natural state Guaiac wood Oil is pale brown in colour and has the consistency of a semi solid paste. The oil has the properties to relax and calm the mind emotionally. Emotionally the oil has relaxing and calming properties.

Scientific Name : bulnesia sarmienti
Country of Origin : South America
Colour and odor : sweet balsamic woody aroma having a pale brown colour.
Extraction Method : By Steam Distillation Method

Guaiac wood Oil isused by the perfumerybecause of itsmiddle note, which is soft sweet balsamic and woody with a rose character. It is an excellent fixative for woody and floral types of cosmetic products. The cleanness of its aroma doesn't interfere with delicate floral. In some countries this oil is also used as a flavoring and antioxidant in food. It is vastly used by several cosmetic producing companies in the world to five fragrances and serves as a fixative in the soaps, lotions and creams manufactured by them. It is used to prepare bath balls that are used in some five star hotels in bath tubsas a fragrant relaxing bath to relax and relieve tiredness and tension. It can be used to extend or bulk up rose oil as it has a similar texture. It has a tea rose scent and is used to adulterate rose oil

Therapeutic Properties

Guaiac wood Oil can help ease pain in the joints. It is helpful for women to give relief from vaginal dryness experienced in menopause, and canalso ease the pain of menstruation. Guaiac wood is found in products made for aphrodisiac, hair, and skin products...Physically it is said to be anti-inflammatory. Some therapists recommend Guaiac wood as a venous or lymphatic decongestant for treating pelvic congestion. Guaiac wood oil is used to make ointments to treat gout, rheumatism or arthritis pains.

Blends well with

Guaiac wood Oil blends well with Elemi, geranium, jasmine, lavender, grapefruit, oak moss, palma rosa, sandalwood, bergamot and ylang-ylang


Just a few days ago I had ordered Guaiac wood Oil from e-bay. The oil delivered was of extremely high quality composed of pure ingredients. A simple massage with the oil makes my muscles relax and stress-free.
- Suzanna Newman

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