Cade Oil

Cade Oil

Cade tree belongs to the species of Juniper that grows in rocky areas and is native to many parts of the world. It is obtained through distillation of the wood of the small shrubs the oil is reddish-brown or blackish in colour and has a strong, smoky aroma. It is believed that Cade oil is used to as sprit to ward of illness, evil and negative forces. It is burnt before the Gods.

Cade oil can be adulterated with pine, birch, fir and tar and thus loses its quality and can cause severe skin infections. The adulterated oil can be judged by its color which will look blackish brown instead of reddish brown.

Scientific Name : Cupressaceae
Country of Origin : North Africa
Colour and odor : Reddish brown or blackish in colour with a strong smoky aroma.
Extraction Method : Steam distillation

Cade oil is an ingredient in most soaps and skin creams, ointments, and in anti-dandruff shampoos It is widely used in cosmetic manufacturing industries. In modern aromatherapy. Cade oil is used to manage hair and skin conditions such as dandruff and scalp infections. It is an effective fixative when used in small quantity. The cade is rectified before using it to make soaps, creams, and different tones of perfumes to get the leather and spicy aroma. The aroma helps to relax the mind and counter fatigue.

Unadulterated cade oil is one of the best remedies for dandruff, hair loss, weak hair and skin eruptions. It can be used to get rid of dandruff by mixing it with wheatgerm oil, castor oil and soya oil.

Therapeutic Properties

Cade is a plant of which the leaf, stem, and oil from the wood areall used for medicine. It is an effective medicine when used for stomach problems like diarrhea and peptic ulcers. It has been successful for maintaining diabetes and high blood pressure. It gives relief from discomforts of pneumonia and bronchitis. The antiseptic ingredient in cade oil helps in healing wounds by destroying the germs. It is used in making several medicinal lotions and ointments that are prescribed byHomeopaths and Ayurveda doctors for the treatment of skin eruptions and diseases of the stomach.

It has strong oil and can cause irritation on some individuals. Its use in not recommended for pregnant women. One must be careful when buying this oil. There are many cases of adulterated cade oil being sold in the market.

Blends well with

Cade Oil blends well with geranium, palmarosaand lemon.


I highly recommend Cade Oil for anyone suffering from psoriasis of the scalp! It practically cured my flakiness problem. I am very happy with its use.
- Erica Frost

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