Tomato Seed Carrier Oil

Tomato seed carrier oil is extracted from the seeds of tomatoes by cold press method. It finds its usefulness in various industries to be added in their products. Tomato seed carrier oil is ideal to use in the making of non-yellowing alkyds of paints, soaps and margarine. Tomato seed carrier oil is idealistic for personal care applications such as brittle & damaged hair and general skin & lip care.

Product Name : Tamanu Seed Carrier Oil
Botanical Name : Solanum lycopersicum
Other Names : Cherry tomato
Country of Origin : Spain
Color : It is deep orange in color
Odor : It has tangy tomato scent
Extraction Method : Cold press
Solubility : It is soluble with essential oils

Tomato seed carrier oil was studied in the USA in 1914.Tomato seeds were obtained from different locations and pressed to produce oil. Tomato seed carrier oil was refined using an alkali and then clarified with fuller's earth. The resulting oil was pale yellow that considered suitable for dressing salads.


Tomato seed carrier oil is non-toxic and non-comedogenic in nature. Absorb quickly into the skin, this oil is suitable to treat age spots and other skin problems. It encourages the regeneration of skin cells and improves skin tone. Tomato seed carrier oil uses for treatment of stretch marks, dry skin, cracked skin, scars and wrinkles. It is also recommended for chapped and dry lips.

Therapeutic benefits

Tomato seed carrier oil contains fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins and carotenes which are highly beneficial to hair and skin. It is highly demanded in the market for its several properties such as translucent, light viscosity, quick absorption, flavonoids, phytosterols, copper, iron, zinc and mild aroma. This oil is remarkably nutritive addition to ant wrinkle serums, anti-aging formulations, hair products, and facial creams. It works well for all types of skin.

Blends well with

Tomato seed carrier oil blends well with sweet orange, vetiver, basil and other essential oils.

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