Helichrysum Absolute Oil

Helichrysum Absolute Oil

Helichrysum Absolute Oil is extracted from the flowers ofthe Helichrysum angustifolium species found in Italy France and Spain. Pure helichrysum oil is of a slight brownish colour with a floral tea like smell. It is used in the cosmetic industries and perfumeries. The absolute oil also has propertiesto produce new cells and is vastly used to give fragrance to various cosmetic products. There is another fake species growing around France and sold in perfumeries. These do not offer any health benefits. It is commonly called the curry plant.

Product Name : Helichrysum Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Helichrysum angustifolium
Country of Origin : Italy, France and Spain
Colour and odor : Yellowy brown color with a rich floral tea like odor.
Extraction Method : Solvent extraction

Helichrysum Absolute Oil is used as a fixative in soaps, cosmetics and perfumes, giving them a rich fragrance.Helichrysum forms an additive to all skincare preparations, especially for products meant for mature or problem prone skin. The oil is used as a detoxifier by therapists in cases of drug withdrawal. Well known cosmetic industries have prepared various anti-ageing creams and lotions by adding this oil. It is widely known that any blend made for arthritis, bruising and scarring needs Helichrysum Absolute Oil.

Therapeutic Properties

Helichrysum Absolute Oil is used to cure acne and allergic conditions of the skin. Researches and evidences have shown that this absolute oil has amazing power of healing when used on broken bones. According to many doctors the healing time has reduced considerably. It has also been experienced that use of Helychrysum oil has made fresh bruises look a week old in a day. This is possible as the oil acts by making the blood in reabsorbing inthe tissue which immediately removes discolouration and pain developed by pressure on the nerves.

This absolute oil is successfully used in treating heart palpitation, irregular heartbeat conditions and thus avoiding risk of a stroke. It regulates the blood pressure when used continuously. It helps in rejuvenating the immune system.

It is nontoxic, non-irritant and non-sensitising oil that can be used for treatment of acne, asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, liver congestion, nervous tension and spleen problems.

Blends well with

Helichrysum Absolute Oil blends well with all essential oils.


I apply a weak dilution of Helichrysum Absolute Oil immediately when the pain starts, and within about 10 minutes the pain is gone for hours. Love the amazing properties this oil is bestowed with!
- Patrician Wayne

After I met with an accident five months ago, I was left with several scars on my face and hands. The application of Helichrysum Absolute Oil for about a fortnight reduced the scars. Love the oil and is magical properties!
- Erica Gomes

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