Tube Rose Absolute Oil

Tube Rose Absolute Oil

Tuberose oil is known to be one amongst the most expensive oils in world-wide and is renowned for its magical smell. Fresh white flowers of the tuberose plant are picked and arranged on trays layered with palm oil. This cycle is re-initiated a number of times till the palm leaf is saturated. The palm oil is further subject to evaporation,leaving behindpure oil. It has a heavy sweet floral odour.

Tuberose flowers during the night. In India it is called the Mistress of the Night or Raat Ki Rani meaning night flower or fragrance of the night. The aroma of the oil is heavy and has the fresh smell similar to the flowers from the Tuberose plant.

Product Name : Tube Rose Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Polianthes tuberosas
Country of Origin : South America
Colour and odor : pale yellow color with heavy, sweet-floral odour
Extraction Method : Solvent extraction

Used mainly in the perfume and fragrance industries. Tuberose is known for its exotic aroma. It contains narcotic properties that help as a perfume, aphrodisiac, deodorant, relaxing, sedative, warming and as an antiseptic. Tuberose Absolute is the ideal choice for deodorants because of its long lasting floral fragrance. The absolute oil is a good sedative and relaxes the muscles.

Therapeutic Properties

The unique smell of Tuberose Absolute Oil rejuvenates the body and soul. The Tuberose’s enchanting aroma is also known to have aphrodisiac properties that aid in healing sexually related problems. In Ayurveda, tuberose oil arouses calmness and instills mental powers. It increases the capacity of emotions. Tuberose fragrance increases artistic inspiration by bringing a sense of calmness to the body, mind and the heart. It also has the quality to give relief from digestive disorders, from aches and pains and heals wounds. Tuberose Essential oil is known to be an excellent treatment for conditions like lack of libido and frigidity. The fragrance increases the blood circulation giving a comforting effect to the body. In winter it keeps the respiratory system warm and prevents in congestion of lungs.

Tuberose Absolute oil need to be used with some caution. It should not be taken by mouth. The oil has to be diluted before use on skin. Pregnant and mother nursing her child should use this oil on the advice of a medical practitioner. It must not be used near the eyes or on cut wounds.

Blends well with

Tuberose Absolute oil blends well with carnation, gardenia, jasmin, neroli, peru balsam, rose otto, violet, and ylang ylang variety of oils.


"My son used to suffer from cold and cough throughout the winter months for many years. A continuous use of tuberose absolute oil as an inhaler gave him much relief."
- Joan White

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