Rose Damascena Floral Absolute Oil

Rose Damascena Floral Absolute Oil

The rose damascene is the most important member in the rosaceae family. These flowers are native to Bulgaria and grown on a large scale. Therefore, it is called 'the liquid gold of Bulgaria'. The rosa damascene or damask rose floral oil is derived from the petals of the blossoms. It is infused with rich sweet and floral aroma which is needed in the perfume industry. Not only that, the oil is blessed with many qualities that help in curing several health related issues. The floral absolute comprises of some chemical compounds such as flavonoids, geranial, nerol, vitamin c, gallic acid and kaempferol.

Product name : Red Champaca Floral Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Rosa damascene Mill
Country of Origin : Bulgaria
Colour : The color of the oils is pale brown in color and it smells sweet and spicy.
Extraction Method : By steam distillation

The rosa damscene floral absolute is used in perfumery and other skin related products. It is used in aromatherapy as it has a flowery smell infused that can help you calm down and release the stress you have been building up. The oil also comes with anti-septic and anti-inflammatory quality, so it can be used to clean the cuts and burns on the skins. When applied on the skin, it removes impurities and keeps the skin clean and smooth.

Therapeutic Properties

The damask rose floral absolute is very beneficial to us as it comprises of medicinal properties that can cure problems such as excessive bleeding during menstruation, chest and abdominal pains, digestion issues, constipation and healing cuts and wounds. In medieval times, the oil was used to increase the strength of the heart.

Blends Well With

The rosa damascene floral absolute can be blended with lavender, bergamot, sage, benzoin, sandalwood, geranium and various citrus oils.

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