Lotus Blue Absolute Oil

Lotus Blue Absolute Oil

Lotus Blue Absolute Oil has the amusing aroma and typical fragrance. There is anti-spasmodic known by the name Nuciferin, which is used with the purpose to provide the relief from pain. This fabulous absolute oil has been enriched with aporphine which basically excites the human emotions and takes him to the feeling of ecstasy. The common constituents of Lotus Blue Absolute Oilare Phytosterols, bioflavonoids and phosphodiesterase respectively. Its common names are Blue Lotus, Egyptian Blue Lotus, Blue Water Lily, Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile.

Product Name : Lotus Blue Absolute Oil
Scientific Name : Nymphaea caerulea
Country of Origin : Various regions across India
Colour and odor : Lotus Blue Absolute Oil isblue colored oil with sweet smelling aroma
Extraction Method : Standard extraction technique is used for extracting the Lotus Blue Absolute Oil

Lotus Blue Absolute Oil is used for preventing the relief from pain. It is one of the best health tonics found which helps in exciting the sexual desire as well as creates the feeling of general wellbeing. The absolute oil creates the feeling of the ecstasy, as well as lends an increased blood circulation.

Therapeutic Properties

Lotus Blue Absolute Oil is one of the best therapeutic purpose absolute oils, which is designed to make some really great and fabulous option to look around with. The absolute oil is one of the principal constituents to increase the health and wellbeing.

Blends well with

variety of essential oils


“My life was complete with sadness and there were absolutely no moments of ecstasy that could help me out to add value and energy in my life. it was then that I came up with this wonderful oil by the name Marigold Absolute Oil that completely changed my thought and liking as well added difference to my sexual life too. My wife and me are feeling great about everything and all the more, I also enjoy some really cool and living options around. I would also like to tell you that my wife feels immensely great and happy and it was just because you delivered us Marigold Absolute Oil. I am truly thankful for the gift that you have given to us. “
- Gerard Brown

“Life isn’t going the way I thought it to be moving. I was going through entire listless life and the situation was just not betting great. It was at this time that Lotus Blue Absolute Oil came into my life and I started to feel all the more superb and great. I read about the absolute oil on your website and ordered it immediately. The oil is just amazing to buy and all the more it also gives me feeling of ecstasy and cool life that I always yearned and thought about. Thanks for your efforts to deliver me the best of everything.”
- Tom Smith

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