Monarda Oil

Monarda oil is extracted from smoky pink flowers of the herb growing in Ontario in Canada, through steam distillation. Monarda oil has sweet and citrusy floral fragrance with the hint of herbaceous note. Common names for Monardo oil are Bee Balm, Mountain Oregano and Oswego. Its fragrance is fresh, with a touch of citrus and strong geranium and slight rosy notes. Generally monarda isfound effective when it is used to treat fever, cough, as well as gastric and cardiac problems, and also as a diuretic, and stimulant for appetite.

Scientific Name : Monarda fistulosa
Country of Origin : Canada
Colour and odor : clear to light yellow in color with a characteristic odor...
Extraction Method : steam distilled

Monarda oil is used in adding flavourto tea leaves,which acts as a good stimulant and gives warmth in the cold areas. It is used in making toothpastes and mouth washes to cure mouth ulcers and throat infections. Monarda oil is vastly used in aroma therapy. The geraniol chemotype of Monarda makes it an excellent choice for skin care where you need anti-infectious activity of a more gentle nature. The soft aroma created on burning the oil is used in conference halls and meditation centres. They provide relaxation to the nervous system. The anti-septic thymol that is in monarda oil is a prime ingredient used in making of mouth wash products.

Therapeutic Uses

Monarda Oil is anti- infectious, anti- bacterial, anti- fungal, anti - viral and a good tonic for the body. Monarda oil is a great carminative and is widely used in the treatment of excessive stomach problems. Monarda oil has the properties of a strong anti-septic hence used against skin infections and heals small wounds, burns and itching. The medical practitioners from the Ayurveda and Homeopathfield of medicines prepare a number of ointments and lotions for skin infections that are effectively used all types of skin problems.

Blends well with

Monarda Oil blends beautifully with sandalwood, and the other base notes, as well as the other floral notes. It also blends well with lavender oil, geranium oil, lemon oil and lime oil.


“Who would have thought such a gentle fragrance would be such an incredible medicine? I wore Monarda oil to work when I got a secondary infection following a cold and people just asked me about the nice fragrance I was wearing. It's definitely a keeper!”
- Margret Hill

“Monarda oil is really helpful and turned out a very rare thing. It helps to get rid of household fungus on damp walls and cornerswhich affects the lungs and causes asthma. I suggest a bottle of monarda oil should kept in each house”.
- Lisa Brown

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