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Lime Oil

Lime is always an important part of the household and is used in many things. When it comes to lime, people often use it to add the flavor in the spicy dishes and its juice is kept for different other purposes. For most of the purposes, its oil is in use. One of the other uses apart from using for adding taste or on skin is a person can clean carpets and stains on cloths. Thus, the lime oil is effective oil, which provides better help to all the people.

Scientific Name : Citrus Aurantifolia
Country of Origin : United Kingdom
Colour and odor : Light Green with a hint of orange
Extraction Method : Cold pressed/Expressed

Lime oil is the oil, which is the necessity of a household. People use it for different purposes because of which a person can add some new taste. As it is sour in taste, it is better used in the spicy dishes of any kind to add a distinctive taste in it. A boring dish may also get into limelight just because of the lime oil. However, it is very useful, for the mental exercise. Through a research, it has been concluded that people can use its aroma just to improve concentration. It also protects the carpets and leather products from getting a spot or stain. It provides relief to foot for relaxing. People will wonder but it is diluted in milk and drink in some parts of the world. It is a surprising taste. Apart from that, they will also help in providing the relaxation to mind and stay away fear. Lime oil contains a chemical substance because of which a person can use it for a better digestion. Most of the skin problems can be eliminated through this oil. However, it should be kept away from direct sunlight from last 12 hours. Also, this oil must not be provided to the children below 6 years age.

Therapeutic Properties

People take lime oil when they are suffering from the problem of diarrhea. This is the case when it is used as per the prescription of doctors. Many other uses of it are there as it is very effective for skin. Girls use this oil while coming from outside or going out to protect their complexion. In many face washes, it is used as a main element. As lime has the Vitamin C contained in it, it is used to cure eye problems. Mix it with honey and drink a class of water and that will help you in recovering obesity.

Blends well with

Lime oil blends easily with any other oil but perfectly blends with lavender, neroli, ylang-yalandg, clary sage.


My skin problems got reduced and I have got a fairer skin than ever before. All thanks to the lime oil which helped me in providing a better and fairer skin.
- Jenny

Lime oil is very effective to reduce my tension and worries. I take every glass of water in morning with honey, which provides me freshness and reduces the tensions of my day-to-day life.
- Peter

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